12th May, 2013 (week 28, day 3): Mother’s Day Extravaganza

Hey everyone,

Lara and I are excited to report the birth of Natasha and Katarina at 10.15 this morning. Natasha (aka Twin A, the large one) came out first at 1070g (or 2lb,6oz) and immediately cried. Katarina (aka Twin B, the small one) came out at 705g (or 1lb,9oz) and also cried, but it was more of a confused gurgle. Both looked surprised and were immediately whisked away to the NICU.

They have stabilized in the NICU and are doing everything they are supposed to be doing, considering their tender age and weight. Natasha has a pretty strong grip and opened her eyes tonight to look in my general direction. Katarina just wriggled and gave me foot-fives. It is early days for both of them, and we expect it to be a two-steps-forward-one-step-back situation, but the care here has been impressive.

The C-section was a smooth, intimate affair. Just me, Lara and 16 medical professionals. She is recovering well and claims not to be tired. I make no such claims and so with that will sign off.

Neil, Lara, Natasha and Katarina


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