23-June: 6 weeks old, halfway to full term!

Today is their 6 week birthday! That means they are 34 weeks old! Only six more weeks and they will be full term 🙂

Natasha hit 2.1 kg (4lb 9oz) and is looking like a cute little baby. Emphasis on little. No, wait! Emphasis on cute. She had her first bath this week and seemed generally curious as to what was going on. She has also progressed on her binky/dummy/pacifier training, passing her first milestone: the “sucking 5mLs down in less than 5 minutes” achievement. She now moves onto the advanced course called “sucking 10mLs down in less than 10 minutes”. Don’t ask me what comes after that because there is a very elaborate flow chart to this process. The nurse showed it to me. Amgen would be proud.

Natasha is generally a happy infant but when she isn’t, wow, yes, her lungs really work. She was lying on me a couple of days back and got too hot, so fussed for a couple of minutes and then started to absolutely wail.  She would lift her head of my chest and just scream right into my ear. The nurse came over stood next to me and started asking questions and I had to tell her to speak up because I couldn’t hear anything over Natasha. It was so loud I started looking for a connection to a Chrysler V8 engine and I swear one of the older nurses threw herself under a desk and covered her head with her arms. The instant the nurse put her in the crib she stopped. And smiled and blinked. Happy again. We gave her a couple of minutes and put her back on my chest and she slept like nothing had happened. Weird kid. Here she is waking up (http://youtu.be/Ds3SlIWpnZw). It takes a while. Here she is preparing for her next binky/dummy/pacifier milestone (http://youtu.be/7V-oFlF6QCM)

Katarina has been mostly just hanging out. She is now at 1.51 kg (3lb 5oz), which is a good increase since last week but she took her sweet time about it. Her weight didn’t really change during the week but started going up on Friday. We want her to keep getting bigger because she is still on supplemental oxygen – her breathing hasn’t improved since last week – so the best thing would be for her to grow bigger lungs. I am looking forward to the day she can scream like Natasha. Let me clarify: I am looking forward to the first day that she can scream like Natasha. But she is filling out and starting to look like a chubby baby. Definitely very alert, when she wakes up she spends a lot of time looking around with her big dark eyes. We don’t have as many pics of Katarina mostly because she is in the darker area of the room and we don’t want to use flash, but here are two close ups we took Friday.

Katarina AsleepKatarina Closeup


8 thoughts on “23-June: 6 weeks old, halfway to full term!

  1. Great photo of Katarina and enjoying all your postings you are putting in Neil and love the comments from your friends.


  2. love the pics and video! katarina is really coming into her own. fiery and fiesty she is! and natasha is down right chubby! hope the nursery is almost ready because she looks likes she’ll be home soon. exciting!

  3. Hoorah for the twinsapalooza! So fine to read about their progress. Will be a treat to see them at your lovely abode one fine day soon! Here’s to lungs, waaah!!

  4. Enjoying your blog Neil & Lara. Your girls are so cute. Natasha has definitely filled out, she is quite plump in the face now. Love Katarina’s eyes. Its one thing you don’t forget from when they are little babies.

  5. Love the blog, photos and youtubes. You forget how the bubs have such dark little eyes and most of their movements and expressions are done in slo-mo!

  6. Hey there’s nothing wrong with taking so long to wake up in the morning- I haven’t grown out of that yet!
    It’s so great reading about the girls’ progress- they are doing all the right things by the sounds and look of them both! Well done Team Twinmageddon!
    Thanks Lara and Neil for letting us sharing the journey with you. Much love to everyone,
    Steph 🙂

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