8th July: Out of Intensive Care!!

They’re out! Both of them!!  They were moved down to the “intermediate care unit” or ISCU at 6.30 this evening.

We thought it would be a bit longer before they were ready and we never thought that Katarina would be moving down at the same time as Natasha but, well, they have “graduated”. Natasha is now 2.57 kg (5lb, 10oz) and Katarina is 1.94 kg (4lb, 4oz). They are both feeding from bottles, with Katarina rapidly catching up after Natasha’s little episode last week – which we have now decided was Natasha stalling for time because she didn’t want to leave her sister alone in the NICU. Katarina still needs a little more oxygen (~25%) but they are on their way to coming home. Couple of pictures. First Katarina in the foreground and Lara in the background saying goodbye to the NICU

Last look at NICU

Then the elvelator (lift) ride and the new ISCU set up (Katarina in the foreground, Natasha in the background):

  Kat in elevatorISCU setup

Very short video of Katarina being moved here (http://youtu.be/wNnUCYpvVbg)

Guess we better get the cribs ready….


5 thoughts on “8th July: Out of Intensive Care!!

  1. Happiness! Glad to hear that your little darlings are doing so well… It will be fun to greet them in person when they are home again, home again, jiggity jig! (Better get your nursery rhyme hat on, oh THINK of the songs and snippets you’ll soon get to croon!)

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