29th July. Natasha comes home

A lot more to follow but for now:Bruno and Natasha

Natasha is home! Bruno is confused. He didn’t realize there was a little human in the car seat for quite a while. Since he realized he has been curious and, well, a little withdrawn. Wait till Katarina comes home as well 🙂

We spent last night in the hospital in a “parent room” to give us some idea of what we are in for:http://youtu.be/h0bVhc0Gb7s. While we were there we got the lab results back for both girls and their hematocrits were much improved. This was the last major milestone for Natasha and she was given one last shot of EPO and discharged late this afternoon. The best moment came for me when they disconnected her from the monitors and we got to truly hold JUST our girl for the first time. She seemed so much lighter without the long cords connecting the monitor to the probes and the sense of freedom of movement – we could now go anywhere! – was a much bigger relief than I expected. So of course there was only one place we wanted to take her:http://youtu.be/8NZQRfOGH50….

So then we took her home:http://youtu.be/dtAYAJGoc9M.  It took Bruno a while to figure out what was in the car seat:http://youtu.be/Dc7-n_PbbAY

You might notice the quality of the video has improved – thanks to Anton, Vinaya, Steve and Linda for the early birthday present of a camcorder!



7 thoughts on “29th July. Natasha comes home

  1. Yeah! Woo-hoo! How exciting! It is so great to see Natasha in her home. I bet it feels strange yet wonderful to have her home. Thanks for posting the videos of the homecoming (looking forward to round 2 soon). What a beautiful baby! Poor Bruno – he looks a little confused. Coreen

  2. It must be so exciting to have Tasha home! Can’t wait to see the video of Kat making her grand arrival as well. Take good care of each other.

  3. My thoughts are with you my soul brother Bruno. Think positive – you’ll have two more humans to love and be loved by.

  4. Hurrah! I have to say it brought a tear to my eye to see Natasha and Katarina together:) Very happy Tash is home and hopefully Kat won’t be far behind. The Bruno footage is priceless. Love to all of you.

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