22nd August: The Kat comes home

After 103 days in the hospital, 117 days if you include the time spent inside Lara inside the hospital, Katarina came home today. She is right now sitting on the couch getting a feed from Lara after a big tandem cry session with her sister. And no, they were not cries of happiness at being reunited, they were cries of hunger and over tiredness. I’m not sure they really realize each other exist yet 🙂

She ended up coming home with a nasal-gastric (NG) tube as she couldn’t make the feed volumes required through the bottle. She needed about 70mL per feed (7-8 feeds per day) but usually only managed ~50mL so I inserted a NG tube yesterday to allow her to make up the difference. Yes, that’s correct, I did it. Of all the things I never thought I’d be doing to my children that is pretty high on the list. And if you had asked me before all this started whether I would be fine with that outcome then I would have had to think about the answer, but right now, of course, I am perfectly happy with it…because it means Katarina is now home.

We took a bunch of video. Here is Katarina being disconnected from the monitoring system (http://youtu.be/uIyngUSEqvE), breaking out of the ISCU (http://youtu.be/OJydsgqifh8) and coming home (http://youtu.be/XrKpJFsJcNE). Obviously more to follow, when we have time, maybe a couple of years from now 😉

Natasha, Katarina, Lara and I want to give a big shout out to their girlfriends still in the NICU:  Ellie (bug) and her mum Megan, and the twins Lola and Emilia and their proud parents, Kim and Albert. You are amazingly resilient, we are thinking of you all, and looking forward to the day that your girls break out and turn their faces away from the intense glow of the sun for the first time!



8 thoughts on “22nd August: The Kat comes home

  1. Whats this another one, when will it end.
    I have a secret plan that I am working on at the moment, to be able to retake my home front..
    All will be revealed in a month or two.

    After all I am her 24/7.
    They are cute though!!!


  2. Thanks for the shout out! Sounds like Tasha and Kat really took the shouting to heart! We are so very excited for you – what a glorious day!!!! We are hopeful that our girls will follow in Tasha and Kat’s footsteps very soon. And then… watch out Bruno! You won’t know what’s hit you! (Or which one is grabbing your tail.) xoxo Kim, Albert, Emilia and Lola

  3. Thanks for the balloon, Kat! We can’t wait until we see you “on the outside” & hope that it’s very soon! Call or text any time if you need any help with the NG tube! I’m so glad you guys are all at home together, finally!
    Megan & Ellie Bug

  4. Hoorah! Kat is home! What a great video of her homecoming. Bruno won’t know what hit him. I wish you stamina and energy to keep up with the girls.

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