11th November: No more tube.

Short update today to let you know that Katarina now looks like this:IMG_9502

That’s  right,no more tube. She took to bottle feeding like we had been starving her for months. Here is the updated graph, and you can see she is doing really well.20131111 Graph of Kat feedingv2

And the girls have been improving their, ummmm, communication skills,mostly by showing joy and happiness and while Katarina has been showing this in a fairly traditional manner (http://youtu.be/dhsq58Oi-ww) Natasha has,well,found other methods (http://youtu.be/KaDz4IrWLh8). But generally everyone is getting along OK,even Bruno (http://youtu.be/1fpxHzOUwp4).

Oh and Natasha now looks like this:           IMG_9549

and Bruno like this:                                                                      IMG_9516




5 thoughts on “11th November: No more tube.

  1. Fabulous pics!! Kat, Tasha, Bruno and their proud parents look fantastic. I treasure the videos…the lovely laughs and squeals — Priceless!!

    On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 11:48 PM, Twinmagedd

  2. So good to hear about Kat’s feeding. Love the photos, the girls are so cute even when I see glimpses of you Neil. Good luck with the squealing, all our kids still do it and Lachlan is the loudest.

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