3rd July 2014: Belated Happy Solstice!

Lots of change here at the twinmageddon household!  The girls have become extremely mobile…we’ve had a a whole lot of crawling and “assisted walking”. Since they’re speedy and, of course, seem to know the optimum direction for danger, we are kept on our toes! Kat has already “opened” a can of ginger ale.  We can’t believe they’re the same tiny babies when we see them hoofing it from kitchen to living room to baby gates to Bruno, back to kitchen, etc. They are both approaching 20 pounds and on track with developmental milestones.

0606141427a (1)IMG_8546IMG_0915IMG_8538

At the end of May we got back from a trip to the Big Island, Hawaii (pics below) with the Diener clan and within no time Kat was crawling. Apparently we got back in the nick of time to do the frantic babyproofing thing (yes, yes, we know you’re supposed to get that stuff ready early). About 48 hours later she was pulling up into a standing position. And within a couple weeks she was couch surfing with confidence. Tasha followed suit, crawling a few weeks after her sister. We don’t doubt she had the strength for crawling earlier, but Tash is a cautious creature who doesn’t rush into anything new. And besides, her feet were busy holding onto toys so that she could study them better.




The crawling also has added whole new dimension to our girls’ interactions with each other. Said interaction was pretty minimal (non-existent for weeks at a time), but being able to crawl to and follow each other around has moved their relationship beyond just throwing at and stealing toys from each other (Kat from Tash 99% of the time). Now they play head butting games that result in hysterical giggles, grab each other’s hands, do mock kissing of each other’s shoulders, and even…gasp…share toys!


http://youtu.be/S7gUNwjY7A8 (you might need ear plugs or mute for this one!)

Lucky for us, Bruno has remained incredibly patient with this new crawling development. The girls chase after him to “pet” him, but when he gets tired of them he moves under the kitchen table for a quiet snooze. Tash remains particularly enamored with the dog…especially his ears and nose (poor Bruno!). Both girls and Bruno love a game of fetch, even if it involves head on collisions 🙂


We also celebrated Father’s Day – Neil’s second but first with the girls actually being at home – in style. We hit the fav pub, the Yard, for lunch and some World Cup.  At their young age, the girls have watched essentially no TV with the exception of about a dozen World Cup and Sounders matches. They love to play with balls…so time will tell.  There were also the usual father-daughter gravity games to be had:



Finally, some pics from the Hawaii trip with Grandma and Grandpa Diener and Uncle Anton and Aunt Vinaya. Unfortunately the girls caught colds second half of the vacation. This resulted in some rough nights (and the quintessential night-time howling baby experience for Anton and Vinaya whose bedroom was nearest ours…sorry guys). This also meant a rough flight home that we shall block out as thoroughly as we can. At least our fellow passengers were extremely kind!  And our time with family was priceless.

CIMG8417 CIMG8424 CIMG8442  CIMG8450 CIMG8380

As of today Kat is standing for a couple of seconds at a time and her walking is becoming less and less “assisted” so stay tuned for some interesting video on the next update!











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