2 September, 2014: Two Toddlers

It’s been an eventful couple of months since we last updated! Lots and lots of “firsts”: first hiking, first camping, first concert, importantly (for Neil) first Sounders match, first houseboat visit (hey, it’s Seattle)….and one other first that we will get to 🙂

To start…here’s what they look like now:

IMG_9062 IMG_9148

In July we had a lovely visit back to Canmore. The girls…wait a minute, no, WE really broke in the baby backpacks. I can’t think of a better way to keep in  shape than to hike with an extra 25 pounds on your back. If nothing else, shows how badly we wanted to be out hiking…and have the girls experience some of the great Canadian landscape. Even though Grandma Diener outdid herself and had stocked up the home with great toys, we hauled the circus out a few times. We also had the immense pleasure of seeing our old friend, Allison. And the girls happily took Grandma and Grandpa Diener’s 40 pound schnauzer in stride (and vice versa) which was a relief for all. A fantastic vacation!


0727141500 0727141501a 0728141511 0729141000b

In mid August we really pushed the envelope. No hiding that Lara pushed this plan on the family. Neil makes no bones about taking absolutely no responsibility….

We camped. In a tent. For two nights. With one year old crawling twins. And survived to tell the tale! It was even fun. (even Neil agrees with that)

We chose to take the plunge because it was a very twin-friendly environment. The Seattle Families of Multiples organization booked a group site so that twin families can descend en masse and not worry about the pandemonium bothering anyone else.  The site was gorgeous and the girls did very well. The biggest challenge was actually preventing Kat from eating pebbles. And napping. Napping in a bright tent was not happening so we took a couple drives. Thankfully the nights were no problem with the girls snug in their pack’n’play portable cribs. We were really pleased that it all seemed to go as well as it did.


0817141026 0816141505



It has been a beautiful summer in Seattle which has given us the opportunity to get to the local concert series held outdoors at the Zoo (Zootunes). The girls went to two concerts (with us) and had a blast – charming the people around them and clapping completely not in time to the music.They don’t look overly thrilled here, but we swear they bopped to the tunes.



Most recently, the family had an outing very dear to Neil’s heart. The girls got to experience their very first Seattle Sounders match in person. The plan is to have the girls go to as many games as possible with Neil…learn the chants…wear the green colors…and take up soccer themselves. Obviously 😉

Sounders5Sounders7 Sounders1 Sounders4

To make it even better the Sounders won.

Then on a real Seattle note. The girls also had their first visit to a houseboat. The float planes landing were a big hit. We do love this city!


On the home front…there have been pretty big changes since the camping endeavor. Namely…both girls are officially walking! So we have two toddlers. Which is unbelievable to us. The developmental progress these babies make in a year is mindboggling. We know most parents experience a sense of awe as their babies make strides into toddlerhood, but it’s been especially breathtaking to us given their two pound start. No surprise at all…Kat decided to walk the day after we got home from camping and she didn’t look back (http://youtu.be/ruOAOL7uE0g). No more crawling for her. Her walking has since gone from a steady zombie striding to a full tilt rushing about with arms waving style. There is no slow walking for Kat.

Tasha tried walking about ten days later with the most cautious, slow and steady couple steps I could imagine (http://youtu.be/d1x7Lj5H4_4). She then applauded herself for a few minutes and squealed/screamed. We assume in delight. Only then did she consider trying a couple more steps. She’s still cautious and slow with the walking, often just crawling. On par with what we would have predicted for Tasha’s personality!  The girls continue to be a joy. Watching their VERY different personalities is endless entertainment for us (http://youtu.be/02VyL5Q7DSc).

IMG_9146 IMG_9133IMG_8990IMG_8988