May 12, 2015: What? We’re TWO!

“They” talk about the miracle of life. “They” also say that life with young kids consists of some really long days, but weeks that fly by. We’re on board with both concepts. Maybe not exactly reproduction so much as the miracle of development. That is, how, in an extraordinarily short two years, did these two tiny blobby beings evolve into the little people – little people with fierce opinions, kindness, affection, intelligence, and cunning – we have today. It’s an awesome thing. Exhibits A-D below.

Birth ….   6 months….  1 year…..  2 years

Katarina Asleep Tash at 7 weeks




To celebrate the two year mark, we had some lovely cupcakes.  Apparently frosting can be a horrifying experience for some. Who knew.


We also took a field trip to Kelsey Creek farm to meet the chickens, bunnies, pigs, horses and goats. A success story! The horses were such a hit, Tasha offered her stuffed bear to his/her snout.


IMG_3373 IMG_3363

Speaking of stuffed bears…shout out to Pop Kitchen! Thank you, they were a hit!

IMG_3311 IMG_3313

For her birthday, Tasha also won the crazy morning hair award 🙂  The girls tied for the tissue paper tearing contest.


For all the details, check out the video:

Earlier in the year, we were able to hit the Skagit tulip festival finally. The wheel barrow was a hit for ten minutes. Then Kat wanted it to stop moving so she could hop in and out, whereas Tash wanted to be pulled in it. Conflict. Tears. Screams. Wheel barrow had to be hidden behind bed of tulips. But good pics were captured and colors were gorgeous.


IMG_2830 IMG_2950IMG_2866 IMG_2889

Thankfully, they are not always fighting. Sometime they read together ( and sometimes play (

We also had our first Easter egg hunt experience with the girls. It was an event hosted by the families of multiples organization. So picture a field of easter eggs teeming with twins. Eerie? Cute?  Up for grabs. Either way, eggs were a tad confusing and sometimes upsetting to our girls at this stage.


We also had springtime visits from Grandma and Grandpa Diener. Fun times walking around Golden Gardens, Pike Market, and the hood.

IMG_3164Grandpa D visit to Golden GardensGirls on walk with grandpa DFam at Pike Market March 2015

Bonus shot. Typical dog-pile evening for Lara:

Lara, girls and Bruno March 2015

Finally, extra videos for the die-hards!

Girls discovering an art installation at Fremont Peak Park:

Training for babysitting:

Trains & slides:



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