25th September: 8 Weeks or 4.5 Months Old!

To summarize: the babies are smiling, the babies are smiling!! This is definitely the focus of our photography now. It makes us even happier parents and you gotta love how babies have evolved to smile just when the cry-eat-sleep routine is getting a bit old. It’s especially gratifying that Kat, our previously reflux-ridden girl who struggled with every feed, was the first to beam at us at about 5 weeks (adjusted age of course). Thankfully a formula change has made a world of difference for Kat and throw-ups are now rare. We’re just working on increasing the volume of her feeds…which have greatly improved. Many graphs have been plotted by us. We love graphs. We will spare you the graphs. And statistics. 

Instead, smiling baby pics:

Kat smiling Sep.2013



The other fun development has been letting the girls “play” together.

IMG_8797 - import IMG_8798 -import

They lie on the play mat together and flail about quite happily hitting each other’s faces periodically without crying. I also thought I heard them exchanging coos back and forth during this morning’s play session. But then Kat let out a big yelp and I realized her sister had managed to pull out the feeding tube. No permanent damage. This was a good excuse to take a bunch of pics of lovely Kat without her feeding tube “accessory”.


Bruno has also adapted well. He now sleeps through nighttime feeds without lifting his head. He is still Eeyore-like but seems to be a tad more interested in the girls in a positive, they-could-be-part-of-my-pack kind of way. He is learning to share. We are very proud of him.

bruno watching girls sep.2013



We’ve even been able to successfully navigate some outings, including quick lunches at (off hour, empty) local pubs, walks along Fremont canal, and a seriously major expedition to Golden Gardens.


Or we “relax” at home. Lucky for us Tasha is actually good at relaxing. Good thing as cooler, rainier fall weather has descended here in Seattle.



7 thoughts on “25th September: 8 Weeks or 4.5 Months Old!

  1. Yay, pictures! They are so cute! You’re definitely getting into the fatherhood thing. I love the girls falling asleep on both you and Lara.

  2. Love seeing all the photos, Neil! Thanks for sharing your family with us and letting us enjoy the girls’ smiles without having to experience the cries first-hand! 😉

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