21 May, 2016: HOW COULD IT BE…THEY ARE 3!!!!


We are late posting here, but that does not mean the girls did not enjoy multiple birthday celebrations.It’s hard to believe three years has passed, but the 2-pound preemies are now sweet, chattering, inquisitive whirlwinds with great senses of humor! They still love stickers, jigsaws, and their babies. They still do not love potties, unfortunately. When asked how old they are Kat will consistently say “3” and Tash will consistently respond “4”. When asked what they wanted on their cakes, they chose Cookie Monster (Kat) and Pooh Bear (Tasha…who changed her mind immediately after we ordered it and wanted Elmo). Good taste, ladies.


Kat 3rd Birthday  IMG_6263IMG_6379

NATASHA, age 3


Round one began with a celebration on the actual day…happily joined by Grandma and Grandpa Diener. This year the cupcakes invoked massive smiles and immediate plunging into the icing. A far cry from last year when the cupcake and presentation of icing brought Tasha to tears and Kat didn’t particularly want to eat hers. The gift of the day was definitely the new sandbox…thank you Linny for finding it and thank you Neil for seeking out the elusive “play sand.”


Round two occurred on Saturday when we held our first ever kiddy birthday party. We felt so lucky to have some of our favorite people to celebrate with us. Grandparents, Linny, Auntie Maggie, Auntie Denise, PEPS friends, and the lovely Arthurs and Carters among others. Despite the rain, we were able to make use of the best invention ever. OVER-SIZED INFLATABLE BOWLING.


3yr bday cakes3rd bday family shot2

IMG_63963rd bday bowling

Round three occurred on Monday when the girls got to celebrate at preschool. The kids sang happy birthday twice, the girls made birthday crowns thanks to Teacher Janice, and we had pajama night at preschool to top it off. Pretty good living. Especially these horses…their favorite thing at preschool.

Girls @ preschool

Other adventures since our last post included a lovely visit from Grandma Sue. We had many adventures, enjoying Golden Gardens, discovering Kubota Gardens (a hidden gem in Seattle), and visiting the tulip fields!


IMG_6001 IMG_6003

IMG_6081 IMG_6044

In April we had a visit to Canmore to meet baby NESSSSA and Allison. Off the charts cuteness. She and Cousin ND have to have a photo shoot together. Also constituting a major breakthrough (especially for Neil’s back) was that the girls were able to sit in their plane seats without car seats. They’re growing up…sniff sniff!!

Girls, Allison & NessaAlli, Nessa and girls in Canmore

Alli & Nessa in CanmoreTash watching Deer Canmore

As the girls reach age 3, we have been reflecting back on their early days. Prematurity, more than 100 days in the NICU, feeding tubes, 17 hours of feeding per day, staggered sleep shifts to cope with two newborns, endless late night bouncing and rocking.  Some long days, but years gone quickly. In the blink of an eye they are people with strong and beautiful characters. We didn’t think it possible, but every day becomes even more enjoyable. We look forward to seeing what these two accomplish next…and to being a part of their life adventures!



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