11th June: Wow! The difference 5 days makes.

It’s been a good week. In the spirit of a picture is worth a thousand words (of course, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to write a thousand words…): Girls and Lara 1

Natasha is on the left and Katarina is on the right with her hand raised. Both of them have been consistently putting on weight, about an ounce per day, and their breathing has been improving.

Natasha hit 1.64kg or 3lb 9-10oz yesterday, and was taken of the Vapotherm which means she only has a nasal cannula with no pressure, but the option to turn up oxygen if needed. So far she doesn’t need it. She definitely has my sleep gene in there – apparently last time Lara changed her she didn’t even wake up.

Katarina has also done really well this week. She is up to 1.12kg, or 2lb 7-8oz, is now off the NAVA, was put on the CPAP two days ago, taken off that today and put on the Vapotherm – which is an awesome improvement in a couple of days. She really likes being off the masks that are used for the NAVA/CPAP and has spent most of her time on the Vapotherm sleeping, as you can see above (and below and in every photo taken of her today). She appears much happier, still alert at times but not so, ummm, cranky? She still is definitely the smaller of the two but then, she has just passed her sister’s birth weight so that makes sense.

When I came in today I was surprised to find Lara doing kangaroo care with both
of them! Here is one of the 6,349 pictures I took – Natasha just hangin’ out while her sister is completely crashed

Natasha hangin' out. Katarina crashed out

And here is our first family self portrait – it’s in what I call a indie rock band style (although that is slightly spoiled by me and Lara looking at the camera and smiling – the girls already have it down better than us)

First family self portrait

And if you want video (and you know you do), here is a video of the girls: http://youtu.be/JxPa1Du9mWE and here is a video of Bruno being introduced to their smell: http://youtu.be/xCjyc7mugRQ



7 thoughts on “11th June: Wow! The difference 5 days makes.

  1. Sounds great Neil. Am enjoying watching them progress into the positive! Oh, by the way: waht’s an ounce, and a pound while you’re at it? What’s English currency got to do with anything here?

  2. Love seeing both babes -together- on you, Lara. Fantastic progress! Great updates, Neil. Thank you! Jenni and Tony

  3. I love the family photo! It’s so wonderful to see Lara holding both adorable babies – such exciting and fantastic progress! Well done, girls.

  4. Congratulations!! Those are amazing pictures and I’m really glad to hear things are going well. They look so cute!!

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